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Today’s market dynamics reflect a blend of enthusiasm and caution. With a total trading volume surpassing $345.70 billion in the last 24 hours, sentiments remain notably bullish. This is indicated by the crypto Fear & Greed Index registering a reading of 74, firmly in the “Greed” territory. A select few cryptocurrencies have delivered substantial returns to investors. On the other hand, some have seen a significant decrease in their market value. This article looks at some altcoins that are currently worth considering. 6 Best Altcoin to Buy Now Houdini Swap ensures private cryptocurrency transactions. The project covers sending, swapping, bridging, and receiving across major blockchains. Meanwhile, Chainlink boasts a remarkable 13.02% gain in 24 hours. Moreover, WienerAI merges dog meme culture with artificial intelligence, capturing significant attention in the crypto community. Jack Dorsey predicts this top cryptocurrency could reach $1 million by 2030. 1. Houdini Swap (LOCK) Houdini Swap operates as an advanced aggregation engine. It integrates compliant, non-custodial exchanges fortified with leading privacy protocols. This ensures regulatory compliance while safeguarding transactional privacy. Furthermore, it facilitates private transactions for cryptocurrencies. The project enables sending, swapping, bridging, and receiving transactions across major chains. It prioritizes sender anonymity by concealing wallet addresses during transactions. One of Houdini Swap’s offerings is its iFrame feature, which enables swift and straightforward integration of privacy functionalities. Users can access on-demand swap, send, and bridge options by copying and pasting the iFrame’s code. We're happy to announce that we have listed TELOS. Bridge to and from $TLOS using any chain listed on #HoudiniSwap — Houdini Swap (@HoudiniSwap) May 21, 2024 A notable partnership with xBlock underscores Houdini Swap’s commitment to collaborative innovation within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Furthermore, its recent listing on Coingecko enhances its visibility within the market, signalling potential growth and expansion opportunities. The token trades at $0.5644 today. This price indicates a 3% increase in the last 24 hours. It has also surged 30% over the previous week, while its YTD values stand at 261.5%. A bullish sentiment and 25 green days in the last 30 demonstrate its potential to investors. 2. Chainlink (LINK) Chainlink enables smart contracts to access off-chain data securely. Its community includes data providers, node operators, and developers. It integrates off-chain data, attracting partners like Brave New Coin, Alpha Vantage, and Huobi. Users can run nodes and earn revenue by supporting DeFi applications like Synthetix, Aave, and Compound. There have been some impressive developments in the Chainlink ecosystem. It has completed a pilot with JPMorgan, Templeton, and BNY Mellon. The Smart NAV pilot tested fund data dissemination on blockchains. Moreover, these developments support future exploration of tokenization in finance. The pilot showed that structured on-chain data could enable various use cases, such as tokenized funds and brokerage portfolios. Also, it could streamline operational processes across the industry. Hong Kong-based @ARTATechFin and @ChainlinkLabs expand digital asset collaboration and develop strategic partnership for blockchain-based solutions across RWA verticals, including: • Tokenized funds • Tokenized real estate • Stablecoins Read more ⬇️ — Chainlink (@chainlink) May 21, 2024 LINK has been making significant strides with its current price at $16.85. This price marks a remarkable 30% surge over the past seven. Over the past year, its price has increased by 160% and trades 2.64% above its 200-day SMA. Furthermore, the past 30 days have seen 20 green days, hinting at growing investor confidence. It enjoys high liquidity, reflected in its volume-to-market cap ratio of 0.1596. This combination of growth and stability makes LINK a noteworthy player in the crypto market. 3. WienerAI (WAI) WienerAI offers something special with its AI Features that are unlike other playful meme coin cryptos. With its advanced AI trading bot, WienerAI gives investors a smart tool on the blockchain to help them make more profits quickly. Users just need to ask, and the WienerAI bot quickly searches the market for answers. Furthermore, the token stands out because of its powerful AI abilities. These unique Features distinguish it from several other meme coins. This year, AI cryptos and meme coins have become popular, suggesting that $WAI might see a quick rise in price when it launches on an exchange. Apart from helping users trade on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), It also assists in getting the best prices. The platform offers this service at no cost and defends against front-running bots. Investors in $WAI tokens can make passive income by staking them in the smart contract, starting from the presale. REASONS 1-10: AI TRADING BOT. WIENER DOGS. That is all.